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Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.
~ Paul J Meyer


Workforce Effectiveness & Efficiency

In today’s global, competitive, digital environment having a workforce that is both effective and efficient is critical.  Both competition and customers are literally moving at light speed.  Despite the best efforts of employees and their employers, we often find sub-optimal productivity created by one or all of the following:


Misaligned or Outdated Processes – Failure to update / change processes over time is quite common even despite growth, an acquisition, altered strategy or new technology.  When changes are made sometimes a patchwork approach is taken vice a holistic review or they are made in response to a specific event but do not address the root cause.

Insufficient systems / tools – Whether due to rapid growth, missing business case or lack of proper visibility, employees execute day-to-day activities without the benefit of the right systems and tools.

Inadequate Data – In our experience, many organizations have hundreds of thousands and often tens of millions of dollars locked up due to an inability to leverage the data they already have.  Causes range from inconsistent data entry limiting a procurement team to multiple applications unable to communicate  / share data.

Lack / Quality of Training – To get the most out of the process, systems, tools and data, employees must have the right skills and training.  See our training and facilitation capabilities.


We assess and map current state workforce effectiveness using lean, six sigma and other techniques to identify opportunities and then design and implement solutions which improve processes, efficiency and effectiveness in mission execution.  Braxton Consulting also has extensive experience accessing and leveraging data within and across multiple applications to unlock value in procurement and other operational areas:

  • Workforce Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • Risk Identification & Mitigation
  • Process Improvement
  • Decision Rights
  • Quality Systems and Processes
  • Manufacturing Improvement
  • Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Strategy

Sample Client Experience

Process Improvement and Quality Systems

Led a strategic assessment to centralize, standardize and improve global quality operations across more than 15 global sites for a global pharmaceutical and medical device company. Assessed quality operations thru leadership interviews, records inspection, data analysis and observing daily operations both at headquarters and in the field. Collaborated with VP of Quality to validate opportunities, establish the organizational vision and build credibility with other senior cross-functional leaders critical to the transformation success.  Evaluated ROI of existing initiatives and developed a combined phased implementation plan.  Solution enabled the removal of $7M of inefficiencies while also eliminating 40% of quality related customer events.  An  executive dashboard was developed with leading and lagging indicators to monitor progress.

Manufacturing Improvement

Directed multiple manufacturing plant assessments including solid dose and capsule  production, aseptic operations and medical device assembly and testing for large global companies.  Conducted detailed assessments inside the “4-Walls” following raw materials in through shipping of finished goods using in depth facility tours.  Review looked at staffing, talent and operations through detailed data analysis, personnel interviews and cross-functional workshops.  Crafted implementation plans and vetted recommendations addressing opportunities to optimize processes, workforce and equipment utilization.  Despite existing Lean and 6-Sigma practices, these assessments identified and delivered operational cost savings of 10% to over 25% of annual plant operating costs.