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Talent Management deserves as much focus as financial capital management in corporations.

~ Jack Welch


Talent Management

While many have heard the adage “People are our (a company’s) greatest asset”, this is not entirely true.  In fact, people are only as effective as direction and support they receive.

So then what is?

Properly deployed Talent Management
is the greatest asset of an organization.


Even great people left to their own devices may take an organization in the wrong direction.  Effective Talent Management ensures the people and the people processes are aligned to, understand and support the mission, vision, strategy and emulate the cultures and values of the organization.

Despite the importance Talent Management plays in success or failure, it does not receive the same level of focus, attention or investment even when strategy changes or major shifts in business occur.  These are the most critical times assess the workforce and align talent management systems and processes.  Another is during periods rapid growth.  Growing companies remain focused on continuing the growth and often fail to see and address the inefficiency created during the rapid rise.


Braxton Consulting offers a complete and integrated approach to talent management helping to align an organization’s Talent Management approach and processes to its Strategy.  We can help you get the right people in the right roles supported by effective talent processes across the employee lifecycle ensuring maximum return on your human capital investment.

  • Talent and Workforce Strategy
  • Talent Management Processes
  • Role Definition and Scoping
  • Skill & Capability Assessments
  • Diversity Recruiting & Recruiting Strategies
  • Employee Engagement
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Retention Strategies
  • Talent Management Analytics and Scorecards


Sample Client Experience

Talent and Workforce Strategy

Developed a multi-year, Human Capital strategy to address a strategic business shift towards rapid growth of the direct consumer channel for a $30B Fortune 100 Property & Casualty Insurer. The team employed data analysis and internal customer interviews to baseline current process effectiveness, investigate organizational needs and identify gaps to leading practices. The interdependencies with business plans were documented to ensure alignment with other corporate initiatives. We then designed sustainable end-to-end employee lifecycle processes, policies and systems from hiring through advancement / outplacement and including metrics allowing HR to be proactive.   Organizational and cross-functional processes were redesigned and the climate for change was assessed. We then engaged operational leadership and HR through workshops to build support for change, establish an operating model, identify/develop talent for new roles and plan leadership succession.

Skill & Capability Assessments

Conducted a talent assessment and workforce efficiency initiative for 5000 personnel at a large government entity facing challenges delivering programs on time, on budget and error free. These problems were compounded by an aging workforce and the existence of four distinct workforce groups, including union employees and external stakeholders. The team analyzed skills / competencies of current staff against current needs and future requirements to identify deficiencies and gaps. Mapped processes and developed solutions to automate simplify and eliminate inefficiencies and identified $100M in low value activities, talent misalignments and process inefficiencies across the five different functional areas and three dispersed sites. The PMO function coordinated project execution, reporting, all high priority tasking and execution of an in-depth stakeholder management and strategic communications plan to keep all personnel, partners and stakeholders informed and engaged.