Strategic Simultions


Experiential strategic planning during which you experience alternative strategies with other stakeholders and competitors.”

-Goldman Sachs


…Applied maximum pressure on public and private sector players, forced decision-making on supply chain issues, and unearthed weak points in coordination and execution in the current system”

-Port of NY/NJ


Peace of Mind Included

Senior executives have ultimate responsibility for ensuring their organization can achieve the strategic vision regardless of the unexpected hurdles the future delivers.

Employing a strategic simulation can test your strategy and strategic options, gauge the impact on your organization, identify gaps and determine the degree to which your organization is ready to respond and absorb disruptions with minimal lasting effect.

In partnership with Athena Strategies, we offer a strategic planning tool that can be used to test the validity of strategic visions, how future events might evolve and their impact as well as cross functional and stakeholder agendas and actions.  Our simulations have been used by private sector companies and the public sector to test or confirm things like

  • Corporate strategies and the impact of the likely alternative futures
  • Planned responses to world or market events
  • Exposure, magnitude and impact of risk factors and viability of mitigation plans


This simulation has been used to successfully test the economic impacts of various future outcomes (cyber security, energy, oil, supply chain, etc).  It has also been used to assess the impact on critical national infrastructure such as ports (including NY/NJ, China, and LA).

One of the most valuable advantages of our simulation is understanding how your business will be impacted by the actions/reactions of others to various events/crisis.


This is NOT a "game" or table top planning session...

... instead, it is a predictive tool based on real-time modeling of plausible scenarios that provides unique insight into the minds of your partners (gvmt, suppliers, customers, your staff) and the decision and actions they would take without understanding the combines effect/implications on all parties

These insights enable senior leadership to understand implications on finance, operations, supply chain, customers and other stakeholders.

Kathleen Robertson, PhD – President
Athena Strategies; Herndon, VA  &  Monterey, California

Internationally recognized strategy consultant to senior leadership in government and corporations. Distinguished for design/ use of strategy war-games to assess critical issues and challenges among a diverse and often competing stakeholders and their priorities. Most recently assisted Office of Secretary of Defense, US Navy and US Air Force leadership in assessing national security assets, requirements and financial challenges.  Other clients include the Presidential Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Center for Naval Analysis, and Coopers and Lybrand.  Kathleen serves on an number of corporate boards and holds a PhD / JD in International Political Economics and Defense Policy from the University of Alabama School of Law as well as a Masters in International Relations and National Security Studies from Auburn University.





Braxton Sisco, MBA – Managing Director
Braxton Consulting; Aiken, SC

Senior global business executive and decorated military officer with over 20 years of experience partnering with senior leaders and helping organizations of all sizes align their strategy, structure, governance, processes and people to realize their full potential. His naval service brings a unique mix of strategy, leadership, intelligence based analytics and security and global maritime experience.  This is integrated with business perspectives, strategies and supply chain knowledge from his cross industry consulting experience leading over 40 projects with nearly twenty Fortune 1000 companies.  Braxton holds an MBA in Management and Operations from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas as well as a Bachelor of Science in General Engineering & Computer Science from the U.S. Naval Academy.