Plan to win…

“No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.”
~ Jack Welch

…and don’t 

“Culture eats Strategy for breakfast.”
~ Peter Drucker


Organizational Effectiveness

A clearly defined and communicated Vision and Mission which support and align to long term strategy are foundational to achieving success.  To reach and sustain high performance however, both a strong and supporting culture and organizational structure are required.  Too often we find:


Failure to optimize structure – Despite changes in strategy, technology and operations the organizational structure goes unaddressed.  Some consider it unimportant, others view it to hard or costly but nearly all underestimate the value it can enable and the implications of no change.

Culture without heart –  Culture is often said to be the heart of a business.  Imagine then heart disease: a culture misaligned with strategy, inconsistent culture or inconsistent implementation, lack of penetration where leaders don’t live the culture or worse just set of words on paper without heart.

Stifled innovation – and increased risk. Failure to foster an inclusive environment that values and encourages diversity of background, experience and thought results in companies not getting the most out of their people. Employees who feel excluded or marginalized are less likely to speak up, contribute, share ideas and concerns.


We have helped countless clients align the various elements of Organizational Effectiveness and achieve and sustain longterm high performance.  At Braxton Consulting, we partner with you and engage the organization at all levels to develop and embed the critical elements of:

  • Vision & Mission

  • Culture Change

  • Culture Shaping

  • Organizational Assessment

  • Organizational Design

  • Diversity & Inclusion


Sample Client Experience

Vision, Mission and Organizational Design

Planned and led a team in the assessment and design of a future state integrated global sourcing organization for a Fortune 100 healthcare company.  Facilitated sessions with the new Global CPO and his leadership to define the new organizations vision and mission.  Assessed current sourcing structure, policy, personnel, process, technology and operations across the existing business unit structures comparing to leading practices and identifying opportunities for improvement.  Conducted over 50 interviews including the business segment CEOs and facilitated 4 management level workshops and 5 procurement leader workshops over a 10 week period.  Deliverables included new organizational structure and roles,

Culture and Diversity & Inclusion

Developed a longterm D&I strategic framework with challenging short  term measurable goals for a global professional services organization. Conducted in-depth assessment of prior initiatives, historical factors and trends impacting representation of diverse employee populations.  Reviewed and analyzed the global employee survey developing unique D&I insights and culture challenges.  Worked with leadership to assess culture implications, mitigate risk, address immediate issues and avoid future risks.  Regionally segmented findings from all sources and developed a model to understand and forecast the impact of changes necessary to achieve annual aspirations by modeling recruiting, promotions, retention and separations.  Created D&I scorecard to assist leadership in monitoring and execution.